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Terrarium Plants

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Terrariums are glass containers, enclosed or open which will grow and display plants. The original idea was to have specific plants in a near-perfect, controlled environment for study and observation. Over the passage of time, terrariums became objects to enjoy and display and took on a more decorative meaning.

Terrariums are not just for botanists anymore!

Typically, closed terrariums are used for tropical plants that require humidity to thrive. Mosses, ferns, orchids and air plants (tillandsias) work great in this kind of environment.

Now, open terrariums…that’s a different story. Open terrariums are used for drier climate plants or plants that need air circulation. Succulents, cacti or any other “full sun” varieties need an open terrarium to do well and flourish.

It seems that terrariums have only recently become popular but they have been around since before the Victorian Age.

Little Prince has the plants that you need for your terrarium!

List of what you will need:

Well-draining soil, activated charcoal, gravel and/or sand
Additional decorative items

Happy Planting!

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