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Specialty and Rarities

Yes, Indeed! Specialty and Rarities!
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Specialty Plants and Rarities! This is the place where you can find a rare, unusual, “special” and unique plants that we have to offer from the Little Prince of Oregon…

Sometimes, it is something brand new, something that has returned or something off of the beaten path…

In Horticulture, we like to seek out the things rarely seen or brand-new things, not seen before… We find that it goes hand in hand with the “plant thing.”

If you are looking for that perfect, yet unique plant, different ideas, or seeking creative input…you have come to the right place!

Succulent arrangements, Air plant arrangements or maybe a combination of both?

A Fairy Garden, rare plant or new arrival?

Well…quite proudly, Little Prince of Oregon has it. Always changing, we offer as much as possible, the new, different and even extraordinary.

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