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FIT FOR A KING® - rare & unusual plants for intrepid gardeners

Fit for a King® plants are rare and unusual perennials for the intrepid gardener.
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Fit for a King® plants are rare and unusual perennials for the intrepid gardener. Are you ready to take your garden to the next level?  Bold color, structure, diversity and jaw-dropping coolness–this is what these varieties mean to us. This group of personal, favorite selections include Abutilon, hardy ground-orchids, specific grasses with an eclectic touch, flowering perennials and more. Little Prince of Oregon offers plants truly Fit for a King®!

All of these exciting plants are frost-hardy in much of the United States. For those in colder climates, they can be brought indoors and enjoyed during the colder months. (Refer to the plant tag for specific care requirements). Go ahead, make your friends jealous. Start your collection of flowering perennials today…these plants will easily become your favorites.

Who can resist plants that are Fit for a King®?

  • Easy to grow
  • Gives your garden that special touch or focal point
  • Frost-hardy in much of the United States
  • Color, color, color
  • Make all of your friends jealous

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