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Water Misers®

Water Misers®

Water Misers® are exactly that they are Little Prince’s answer to drought tolerant planting. Requiring little water or even preferring less water.

At Little Prince of Oregon, these are the plants selected for drought-tolerant planting. Manzanita, delosperma, (iceplant), assorted succulents, dianthus and lavender to name a few. These are for the water conscious or those who need plants that flourish even in dry conditions. 

Water Misers® provide us with a full range of colors, forms and textures for designs or additions to any garden. You may be planning an all drought tolerant garden or have needs that are not met by plants that require a lot of watering. These are an excellent choice.

It isn’t difficult to know that with a name like Water Misers® what applications might work best, but we are going to list a few just the same.

  • Create a drought-tolerant landscape
  • Lower maintenance
  • Effective in areas that don’t usually hold water
  • Fits into different places within your garden
  • Creates texture, form and points of interest 
  • Adds color

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