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Prince of the Air Plants™

Prince of the Air Plants™

Prince of the Air Plants™ is the brand Little Prince uses to sell Air Plants. Air Plants are just that, plants that do not require soil to grow. The technical term for these plants is epiphytes.

In their natural habitat, which can be many different places in the world: Peru, Borneo, Madagascar, Columbia, Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, etc. Air Plants (Tillandsia) typically grow in the crooks of larger trees, under rainforest canopy and along the sides of cliffs. They are one of the most adaptable plants in the world! They grow in damp, humid climates with a large amount of rainfall as well as in Alpine conditions with mist and fog as their only sources of water. This is known as Xeriphytic or Xerigraphic, depending on which plant geek you ask.

What to do with your Prince of the Air Plants™:


  • Indoors in arrangements
  • As accents to other types of flowers/plants in containers
  • All by themselves
  • Outdoors in warmer climates (don’t let them freeze).
  • Mounted on natural wood, cork or rocks
  • Set on a table, or anywhere really
  • Place in an Air Plant holder
  • Terrariums

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