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Cliff Hangers®

Cliff Hangers®

Cliff Hangers® are selected trailing perennials for walls and containers. Hanging in a basket, wall, tree, the edge of your seat (HA!), anywhere they have room to cascade, they will!

Little Prince of Oregon selects our Cliff Hangers® for that spray of foliage or color that provides that special touch to your garden or landscape. These cascading plants come in many different shapes, varieties and sizes. Our selections include Veronica, Euonymus, Lamium and Erodium just for starters. At Little Prince of Oregon, we go out of our way to provide a unique and robust offering of these types of plants. Matching or contrasting, high-to-low or low-to-high, our selections foot the bill for anything that needs a little creeping.

Here are some reasons to choose Cliff Hangers®:

  • Provides a draping, cascading growth habit to any existing garden or landscape
  • PERFECT for hanging baskets and containers
  • Retaining walls or trellises
  • Bark alternative
  • Lots of different colors and textures

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