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Foot Traffic Perennials™ are groundcovers that tolerate varying amounts of foot traffic.
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Foot Traffic Perennials™ are ground cover plants that tolerate varying amounts of foot traffic. For example: Thymus serphyllum ‘Elfin’ typically tolerates heavy amounts of foot traffic whereas Viola labradorica typically tolerates lighter traffic. For best results, tread lightly at first and let your own experience guide you.

Groundcovers are described in basic terms as plants that grow wider, rather than tall. These are plants that grow in more of a “carpet-like” pattern and find their way into small places in your garden. Whatever your garden situation: sun, partial sun, shade, water…we’ve got a selection for you in our Foot Traffic Perennials™.

Put your ground cover plants around stepping stones, near steps and even as lawn replacements. Our Foot Traffic Perennials™ have been hand-picked and grown with just this purpose in mind.

Where to put ground cover plants:

  • Around steps, paths and walkways
  • Lawn replacement (in some conditions)
  • Under trees, shrubs and other plantings
  • Fairy gardens
  • As a weed barrier
  • Bark alternative as well as
  • Accents to your garden – adding texture and color

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