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Perennial plants are the staple of almost every flower garden.
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Perennial plants are the staple of almost every flower garden. If you want color and flowers-something that comes back every year, Perennials are IT! They are different than Annuals, (which must be replanted each spring, while perennials die to the ground at the end of the season, and then regrow from the same roots the following year.). People grow perennial flowers and plants because they are EASY-CARE, reliable, and they offer a huge variety of color, texture, form and BEAUTY…

There are SO many different perennials to choose from that it is nearly impossible to ever know them all! The good news is that you only have to know your own. If it’s flowers, ground covers, succulents or something completely different you need look no further! , We have the wonderful plants for your every need.

Our Staff here at Little Prince of Oregon, selects and grows the best quality perennials around… The perennial selections are hand-picked to offer YOU the best quality around!

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