Your local garden center will always be your best resource for Little Prince plants.

Garden Center 911

Instant Online Revenue — No Tech Required

  • Have you had to close your garden center due to shelter in place guidelines?
  • Are you focusing on selling edibles, but still want to help customers grow beautiful ornamentals?
  • Wondering how you’re going to replace income lost this spring?
  • Open to new, innovative ideas for getting cool plants to your customers whether you’re open or not?

Garden Center 911 is your Solution

This brand new referral program for Independent Garden Centers is designed to help businesses maintain service to customers and offset losses without requiring cash outlay.

The concept is simple. Garden centers —use your social media, email marketing, and other digital channels to refer customers to the Little Prince online store—and make 20% of the purchase price on each sale referred. No web setup, no tech, no inventory management, just an opportunity to continue to get plants to customers and money in the bank.

Leslie Halleck of Halleck Horticultural

Get Started Now!

  • Click here to fill out the application form. (Federal EIN number required.)
  • Once approved, grab your unique referral link.
  • Share the link on social media, in your email newsletter, add it to your YouTube channel, and more.
  • Log in to your portal to see your sales and commissions.

Together We are Stronger

Mark Leichty, Director of Business Development at Little Prince says, “One of our core beliefs at Little Prince is the best place to buy Little Prince plants is your local Garden center. That’s the first message an online shopper sees when they enter our online store, and that will never change. We know that many garden centers have closed temporarily due to COVID-19, and we want to help support those businesses that supported us for so many years.” It’s the company’s fervent hope that garden centers can reopen for a wonderful season. But, while we wait, this is a no-cost revenue option.

Shaina Froehlich, Garden Center Manager of Froelich’s Farm and Garden Center is excited for the program, saying: “In a time when the future is unknown, Little Prince of Oregon brings a beacon of light to the independent garden center industry. For the 2020 season, our first day open was also the last day before we were forced to switch our sales to curbside pickups and local deliveries only. Little Prince of Oregon’s Garden Center 911 program gives us the opportunity to create an avenue of revenue, even when our doors are mandated to remain closed.”

Lloyd Traven, owner of Peace Tree Farm, encourages everyone to participate.“Little Prince has fabulous and cool plants, packaged cleverly and marketed for consumer joy, and has also devised a really solid shipping system already in place to go NOW. Their website is easy to use and robust. This could really be a lifeline to hard-pressed retailers who need to shut the doors for safety and cannot sell now. So many do not have any working solution for online business, and it might be their only option for months.”

Ready to “grow?” (Pun intended.)

Why Partner with Little Prince of Oregon?

While Garden Center 911 won’t replace all income lost by garden centers, it offers an easy way to replace some income (in hopes of reopening) and continue to get plants to customers who are clamoring for them right now. And for those garden centers that are open, but focusing on edibles for food-essential positioning, Garden Center 911 allows garden centers to “sell” ornamentals without needing to order, stock, care for, and devote resources to them—the best of both worlds.

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