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Shade Gardening offers new opportunity!
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Shade Gardening offers the opportunity to get to know and use a whole new family of wonderful plants that love shade. In fact, in the heat of summer, shade is as welcome to many plants as it is to the people who are gardening!

If you are looking to plant in the dappled light of woodland gardens, or the north or east side of a building then you need shade loving plants for your garden.

Needless to say, the shade garden is truly thrilling in the spring. There are so many attractive perennials and foliage plants that are at home in the shade garden can start to cover the ground with such beauties as ferns, hostas, hellebores, cranesbill, hakone grass, astilbes, coral bells and stunning ground cover varieties – just to name a few!

At Little Prince of Oregon, we LOVE the shade gardens and the lush, rich colors that are available. Create your own personal carpet of colors and textures with our fine selection of plants that love shade!

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