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Chick Charms®

Chick Charms®


Chick Charms® brand is a collection of new and colorful, USDA Zone 4 hardy Sempervivum (Hen’s & Chicks) which have been evaluated by Chris Hansen in West Michigan. Little Prince of Oregon takes great pride in offering these hardy succulents!

Sempervivum grow in clusters, sending out new baby “chicks” from the mother “hen” plant. They are a popular garden staple as they are drought AND frost tolerant (win-win!). Sempervivum come in a rainbow of contrasting colors and have a familiar, yet striking look. Some are even covered in an unusual webbing that resembles a spiderweb. So cool!

Chick Charms® Sempervivum have many different characteristics that make them one of the most sought-after succulents. Some of the applications these excellent plants are used for:

  • Outdoors in beds or containers
  • As a highlighted area that needs color
  • Drought-tolerant gardens requiring frost-hardy plants
  • As accents to your garden – adding texture and color

Planting with Chick Charms® is like working with a big box of crayons. The possibilities are endless…

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