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Chick Charms®

Chick Charms®

Chick Charms® brand is a collection of new and colorful, USDA Zone 4 hardy Sempervivum (Hen’s & Chicks) which have been evaluated by Chris Hansen in West Michigan. Little Prince of Oregon takes great pride in offering these hardy succulents!

Chick Charms® (sempervivum) grow in clusters, sending out new baby “chicks” from the mother or “hen” plant. These are a popular garden staple as they are drought AND frost tolerant (win-win!).  The variety of Sempervivum come in a rainbow of contrasting colors and have a familiar, striking and specific look. Some are even covered in an unusual webbing that resembles a spiderweb. So cool!

The family of Sempervivum have many different characteristics that make them one of the most sought-after succulents. Some of the applications these excellent plants are used for:

  • Outdoors in beds or containers
  • As a highlighted area that needs color
  • Drought-tolerant gardens requiring frost-hardy plants
  • As accents to your garden – adding texture and color

Planting with Chick Charms® is like working with a big box of crayons. The possibilities are endless…

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