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Problem Solver

Problem Solver

Problem Solver plants from The Little Prince of Oregon are exactly that…Our Hand-picked and hand selected plants that have specific uses or applications.

A great deal goes into making these choices – time, money, research and a love for what we do.

Our different varieties by Little Prince are trademarks and are in fact…our plants. In all seriousness, we make selections about how these plants grow and perform in your garden or landscape. A careful hybridization and cultivation process takes place to end up here at the final result.

We have gathered over time the best of many different plants, their best blooms, growth habits and overall characteristics and gathered them all together to create what we feel is the best that these plants have to offer.

Choose from different ground covers, shade plants, subtropical, perennials and so on. We definitely have them here at the Little Prince of Oregon.


  • Cliff Hangers®
  • Blades of Glory®
  • Made in the Shade®
  • Ground Control®
  • Fit for a King®
  • Water Misers®
  • Prince of Paradise™ 
  • Prince of the Air Plants™ 
  • Foot Traffic Perennials™ 
  • Chick Charms® 

Contact Us

We’d love to hear from you!  Do you just love your plants and want to share?  Or, do you have a question or concern?  Please reach out. Email is the BEST way to reach Auntie Joan as she is usually busy packing orders.

[email protected]

Facebook @littleprinceoforegon
Instagram @littleprincetogo

If you have general questions about plant care, make sure to visit our FAQ page.

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