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We LOVE our plants! So much that we want plants that like to be inside…Select from our wide and wonderful varieties of “Interior Plants”. You will be glad that you did!
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Yes, it’s true! Not every plant can do well outside and not every plant can do well inside. That is why we divided our plants into categories, so that you can choose from the “In or Out” plants that we have listed JUST for that!

Well… Little Prince of Oregon can explain… Interior Plants generally are from more tropical climates and do not typically withstand temperature extremes as more tolerant plants will.

At Little Prince of Oregon, we really want you to be successful gardeners no matter what you grow or where you grow it.

Since we are talking about INTERIOR plants, there are a few things to think of when looking for that perfect plant.

  • Lighting, lighting, lighting. “Is there enough light?” Plants cannot grow in the dark, plain and simple.
  • Watering… the biggest killer of interior plants is – OVER watering! Allow your plants to dry out in between watering’s. Less is MORE!
  • Plants need to eat, just as everything else, but…when they are indoors, usually a couple times a year is good enough. Too much doesn’t get better…it is just more.
  • Lastly, pick a plant that you LOVE! We spend a tremendous amount of time indoors, so do spend it with the one’s you love…

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